Investment Philosophy

Client Focused
As a client focused financial advisory firm it is our mission to act in good faith and in the best interests of our clients at all times.  Our programs are focused on accomplishing our client's goals and objectives in the most effective manner possible.  It is our core belief that striving to exceed customer expectations is not only our duty but the driver of success of our firm.

We are an independent financial advisory firm that answers only to our client's needs and not a large conglomerate that manufactures insurance and investment products.  As an independent firm, we are able to integrate the finest of products and services from hundreds of firms.  Our independence ensures our ability to offer our client's the impartial and objective financial advice that they deserve.

Fee Based
As a fee based financial advisor our compensation is structured to align with the goals, objectives and success of our clients.  We believe our client's goals are best achieved when we are able to remain completely objective and impartial in giving our advice.  We work diligently to avoid any potential conflicts of interest in delivering our services by structuring our organization and working relationships to maintain our objectivity.

Strategic Alliances
To provide our clients with convenient access to a large variety of investment products and services and a high level of financial strength, we have develped numerous strategic alliances.  Most notable are our relationships with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as our Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor and National Financial Services, LLC (Fidelity) responsible for the custody and clearing of our accounts.

Understanding Our Client Needs
We work diligently with our clients and their professional advisors to clearly define their life goals.  We analyze the present investment positioning, future income flows, potential liabilities, income taxes, estate planning, client risk tolerance and client time horizon.  We consider alternative strategies and develop specific recommendations for efficiently reorganizing and consolidating liquid investment assets.  Finally, based on our client needs, we help our clients select an investment strategy that is customized to pursue their unique goals and objectives.